Monday, 4 June 2007

My legal essays

I thought I’d upload the papers/essays I wrote while at law school at The University of Birmingham. The quality varies, the first year papers are awful (apart from the Mental Health Bill). The final year ones are of the highest quality. Hopefully it’ll help out current students and aid research, especially the final year papers. I’ve put the marks I attained next to each title in [square] brackets.

All papers are 10 credits, apart from the Dissertation which was 30 credits.

If you would like to cite any essays just use Patel, D. Essay Title, Available Online [2006].

1st Year (2003/04)

Public Law - Discuss the proposition that the United Kingdom is acquiring a codified Constitution by a process of stealth. [64 ]

[doc] [html] [pdf]

Contract law - Doctrine of Unconscionablity [47]

[doc] [html] [pdf]

Criminal Law and Justice - Evaluate Present Mental Health Legislation and Assess the Likely Impact to Offenders or Those Likely (as defined by the draft bill) to Offend Due to Any Proposals to Reform. [68]

[doc] [html] [pdf]

2nd Year (2004/05)

Legal Foundations of the European Union - “Some commentators have argued that the commitment of the European Court of Justice to fundamental rights has provided the EU with the much needed ethical foundation which it lacked on account of its origins as a Common Market and the constant emphasis on economic goals.” Discuss this statement in the light of recent developments. [63] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Jurisprudence 1 - The Outcome of a case is determined neither by the facts nor by the law. Findings of fact and statements of law are used only to justify the decision of the judge. Do you agree? [64] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Jurisprudence 2 - Proclaiming the importance of the concept of the 'rule of law' is just a modern form of unjustifiable idolatry. Do you agree? [62] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Final Year (2005/06)

Environmental Law 1 - What are the main obstacles for effective environmental law? [74] [doc] [html] [pdf] *the title was long and fancy, but unfortunately I did not make a note of it anywhere. This is the essence of the paper.

Environmental Law 2 - To what extent has the EC evolved from a pure trade entity into an organisation which effectively protects the environment. What difficulties has it faced and will it face in the future? [81] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Tort case Note: Watkins v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2004] EWCA Civ 966 [68] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Dangerousness - Dangerousness is a Dangerous Concept [74] [doc] [html] [pdf]

Dissertation - An Enquiry into Anarchist Jurisprudence [68] [doc] [html] [pdf]


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